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Humpie Head
Great Horn
Sea parrot
I know where you sleep
Pink Rainbow Dreams
Flat Fish Misc
Green Diva
Blue Diva
Weedy Salmon

After several years of creating small sculptural pieces to be worn as jewelry, I wanted to explore larger scale pieces.   I also wanted to experiment with colors and texture.  Until this point, I relied on blending the colors of the polymer clay itself to create the final finish. This would not be enough for larger pieces.  There was also the challenge of how to "present" these pieces.  Before, my sculptural dabblings were done in the form of bead (pretty much anything that has a hole in it!) or fashioned onto another wearable form, like a bracelet or ring.  How were these new works scrambling around my brain to stand on their own?  The answer; canvases, along with alcohol inks, resins, glazes and other bits of crafting magic.